So, you have this great idea with great business potential. But, even the greatest ideas need help. We’re talking about payment systems, management tools, service functions, administration support, digital market places, and more. All geared to your specific needs.
That’s when you need to get smart. You could develop your own solutions, of course. But we offer them off the shelf, in a safe cloud-hosted environment and ready to use, reducing your cost and cutting time-to-market to next to nothing.

A truly Smartified way to get your idea digitalized and help it fly.

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The sharing economy is growing fast. Whether your business is transportation, gig work, home care or something else entirely, we offer a complete and secure cloud-based platform where your customers and services meet in a plaza ecosystem. Sell or market your own services or create an ecosystem of other providers.

Make sure your payments pay off

Cash used to be king, but now, the king is digital. We offer up-to-date cashless micro, mobile and unattended 24/7 payment solutions with full risk management and fraud detection. Choose payment for your services by invoice, credit card, text message or your own app.

Have a great digital journey

Digitized mobile support processes are a must to stay competitive in maintenance, repair and operations, a k a MRO, today. But making the journey can be time-consuming and costly. Our MRO platform will take you there lean and clean.

Time to upgrade to Industry 4.0

The Internet of Things and Services – or Industry 4.0 – is built on cyber-physical systems, communicating with each other and humans in real time. Our know-how and platform is a cost-effective way to quickly and easily make industry as well as consumer-driven devices and appliances smart.

Turn virtual reality into reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality have limitless potential as business tools, not least for visualization in areas like real estate, accommodation, tourism and the event industry. Offering unique experiences is a great way to build your brand. We have the hard- and software platforms you need to do better business.