We’re not like the others.
We’re like you.

At GoSmartified, we understand the needs of companies with great ideas. That’s because we have one ourselves.

It’s essentially simple: to help companies become successful by making them faster to market, more efficient, more reliable and in turn, more likeable.
The way we do this is by providing them with smart, new, cost-effective digital services and products that support all their internal processes and help them manage their products and services. We focus on Maintenance, Repairs and Operations processes within companies in the B2C, B2B and C2C markets.
With GoSmartified, there’s no need for you to invent and develop standard functions yourself. They’re all included in the GIGIT platform. This means that you will save money, resources and time . Instead, you can focus on what’s important: creating real value for your customers.
To achieve this, we work hard to create software platforms and solutions together with the best partners in the world. All to help make companies become more efficient and profitable by getting more customers to enjoy their offer and love their brands.
We aim to make you successful. After all, it’s the only way we can achieve success ourselves.