The opportunity

The best gigs are on the internet.

Call it the sharing or gig economy if you will, but the basic concept is actually not really that new. Renting instead of buying is hardly unheard of. Any car hire or taxi service can make a reasonable case for being part of the sharing economy. Freelance journalists, fashion models and others have been doing gig work for a century or more.


The great game changer

However, as in many other fields, Internet is the great game changer. Eliminating the need for much of the costly physical infrastructure and manual processes required earlier, it also facilitates peer-to-peer business, i e exchanges were either of the parties involved can be user or provider and there is no absolute boundary between the two.


Shining examples lead the way

Companies like AirBnb and Uber have led the way. Their success stories are shining examples for entrepreneurs looking to develop new sharing or gig work business concepts. Among currently hot business areas are various types of small job gig work, pet care, neighbourhood tool lending, flexible office rental, cleaning services and much more.


Are you the next success story?

Your great idea can be the next success story, whether you are a startup or an established enterprise. But to get there, you need to get a number of support functions and services in place. Most of them require specialized software platforms that the pioneers in the field had to develop themselves. With GoSmartified, you can bypass this lengthy and expensive stage, focus on your business and go to market a lot quicker and more efficently.

In short, we have the solution.

Explosive growth ahead

The sharing economy annual turnover is projected to grow from the 2014 level of $15 bn to $355 bn in 2025. Source: PWC.

2014 – $ 15 bn
2025 – $ 335 bn

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